A tool for reviewing data on concluded real estate business agreements, indispensable for investors, appraisers, banks, insurance companies, real estate companies and all experts in the real estate field.

The application TRGOSKOP presents the easiest and fastest way of monitoring events on the Slovene real estate market, based on data about concluded real estate sales/purchase agreements. The application uses data from Real estate market register, which the real estate agents, public notaries, administrative units and the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia are obliged to provide. The data from Real estate market register also present the basis for mass-appraisal of real estate, currently being carried out by the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia.

I am interested in concluded business agreements concerning apartments (up to 50 sq.m.) on Celovška street in Ljubljana in 2010.

Using the application Trgoskop the answer to this particular question and similar ones is at your disposal in just seconds. In 2010 there were 4 apartments up to 50 m² sold on Celovška street in Ljubljana.

Who needs Trgoskop?

We recommend using the application TRGOSKOP to everyone in need of quick access to information and up-to-date data about the actual values of concluded real estate business agreements in particular areas. It presents an indispensable tool for appraisers, real estate agencies, banks, investors, insurance companies and other potential or active sellers or buyers of real estate properties.

Monitor images of the application Trgoskop

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The application TRGOSKOP offers up-to-date data on business agreements:

  • type of business
  • date of concluded business agreement/signed contract
  • contractual value
  • data about contractual parties.

And real estate as the object of business agreement:

  • type of real estate
  • real estate identification data
  • technical data about the real estate.

What does Trgoskop enable?

  • basic and advanced searching through Real estate market register
  • tabular overview of found business agreements with optional sorting by type of business agreement, date, price and group of data contributors
  • saving popular search conditions
  • saving interesting business agreements
  • detailed insight into individual business agreement data
  • writing out of detailed data about business agreements PDF format
  • graphic display of the location of real estate (object of the business agreement)

Trgoskop upgrade

From 19th September, 2011 fonward application Trgoskop offers its users the following new features:

  • saving random business agreements into cart,
  • exporting business agreements into an Excel file,
  • displaying basic data about business agreements added to the cart and
  • graphic displaying and printing of basic data about business agreements in the cart.

The application Trgoskop was upgraded in June 2011 and it now also enables:

  • graphic display of all business agreements matching entered search conditions
  • display of data accuracy evaluation for business agreements
  • the use of upgraded graphic search engine
  • entering comments from the application users
  • unlimited list of search results
  • different displaying of duplicate business agreements

*Application Trgoskop is currently available only in Slovenian language.