Trgoskop upgrade

We would like to inform you that our application Trgoskop, which enables you an insight into 186.864 different sales/purchase real estate business agreements in Slovenia, has been upgraded.

19th September, 2011 – The long-term goal of portal Trg nepremičnin, which is, along with Sinergise company, developing application Trgoskop, is to offer complete support on data about concluded real estate business agreements. For this reason we monitor our users’ needs carefully and try to fulfil them with regular upgrades of application Trgoskop.

From 19th September, 2011 onward application Trgoskop offers its users the following new features:

  • saving random business agreements into cart,
  • exporting business agreements into an Excel file,
  • displaying basic data about business agreements added to the cart and
  • graphic displaying and printing of basic data about business agreements in the cart.


As of 15th June 2011 users of Trgoskop application have the following innovations at their disposal:

  • The application offers a graphic display of all business agreements, matching the entered search terms, on a map or orthophoto plan (DOF). Users can browse through different business agreements and access detailed data and extract them in a PDF format.
  • The application Trgoskop includes an evaluation of data accuracy for individual business agreement. The list of found results includes a data accuracy evaluation for each individual business agreement, marked with grades 1 – 4, 1 meaning accurate and 4 inaccurate data.
  • Trgoskop now includes an upgraded graphic search engine, which enables narrowing down search area to a housing community, street and/or house number.
  • Search results now include an option for the users of Trgoskop to add comments, related to a particular business agreement, which can be seen by all other users as well. This way the users have a chance to exchange their experience and comments on the quality of the data related to a particular business agreement.
  • Trgoskop enables an unlimited display of search results, matching search criteria. The application displays 100 search results found, but with a click on the green button, it will display the next 100 search results.
  • The application Trgoskop now displays duplicate business agreements in a different way. All duplicate business agreements are now displayed as one result on the list of results. A separate column (duplicate business agrements) has been added to the results list, containing the link to the data on the duplicate business agreements for each separate business agreement.

For any further information regarding the application Trgoskop and its upgrading please feel free to contact us by phone: 00386 (1) 200 29 29 or by e-mail:

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