Enter location, type and characteristics of any real estate and make your own calculation of generalized real estate market value on the basis of mass-appraisal methodology, developed by Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (GURS). 

N€P enables you to make your own calculation of generalized market value of any property.The calculation is based on the real estate data you enter and in accordance with the mass-appraisal methodology, developed by Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia. It presents an indispensable tool for professional users (appraisers, real estate agencies, banks, investors, insurance companies, analytics etc) as well as non-professional users (sellers or buyers of real estate).


A great location for my new business premises! What is the generalized market value of business premises the size of 100 sq.m. in this area?

I am looking for a favourable location to build terraced houses in the vicinity of Celje. I would like to know the generalized market value of buildable plots on 5 selected locations.

I am buying a garage in Šiška area and would like to check generalized market value in this area before buying.

Application N€P offers you data about generalized market value of any real estate.

Real estate value is calculated on the basis of:

  • location,
  • type of real estate,
  • detailed data on the real estate, such as size, year of building, year of renovating, type of heating, sewerage system, etc
  • real estate location - in the vicinity of highway, railway, power line, etc