Why choose us?

  • We offer full support with using and understanding real estate market data.
  • We deal with real estate/spatial data on daily basis, which gives us the required experience.
  • We provide periodical educational seminars on the topic of spatial and real estate data.
  • We possess the knowledge of the complete process of acquiring data about real estate transactions, because we offer the support to data input into Real estate market register.
  • We posses detailed knowledge about all the spatial data in the country, which can be associated with Real estate market register.
  • We are experienced in planning business processes.
  • We can assure you individual treatment.
  • We work with different methods of geo-location and online cartography, which enables us to analyse the used data better.
  • We have the knowledge of geostatic methods and their national implementation.  



Our mission: 

  • To bring inventive and applicable solutions in the field of geomatics to Slovenian users - government, regions, communities, private sector and individuals.
  • To offer those users the access to knowledge and applications at competitive prices.
  • To represent Slovenian geomatics

Geodetic Institute of Slovenia (GI) is a leading Slovenian public institution for geodetic, cartographic, geoinformatic, and hydrographic research and development, established in 1953. Most projects are elaborated for the Slovenian Surveying & Mapping Authority and for various ministries and agencies from as diverse fields as environment, science, defence, transport, agriculture, culture, and regional development in Slovenia as in abroad. In cartography and mapping, GI holds three awards for “Excellence in Cartography” by International Cartographic Association, for the best city plan (1999), best tactile map for blind (2003) and for the best Topographic map (2011) on the world. Maps and spatial data are digitally produced for ordinary printing, satellite navigation on land, sea and air, for 3-dimensional visualization, terrain and city modelling, for web and multimedia products, and even for digital libraries. Themes vary from engineering plans to topographic or tourist maps, and from mountaineering maps to nautical charts produced in conformance with International Hydrographic Organization standards. Geo-data are important in every geoscience as in many social sciences. Spatial data products are also shared with environmental agencies to monitor and predict floods, climatic change, natural disasters, traffic, land use, hydrologic parameters on lakes and rivers, urban sprawl, and safety of navigation at sea, among others.

We offer service in the fields of:

  • Dynamic visualization Three-dimensional models are geomatic products which aid various experts to visualize or simulate complex objects, spatial processes and their impact on the environment.
  • National databases Spatial data infrastructure enables experts, planners and managers to widely exploit national real estate data, topographic maps, positional GPS data and other geomatic products for their applications.
  • Cartography and mapping Spatial data play crucial role in:
    - mapping,
    - geographic information systems,
    - physical planning,
    - real estate management,
    - navigation and positioning,
    - science and education,
    - etc.
  • Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Photogrammetric works include production and processing of all kind of imagery - from satellite, to aerial or terrestrial and extremely dense laser point clouds (Lidar). Image processing, spectral analyses, classification, photo-interpretation and mapping are performed to put best spatial data services for different fields of use.
  • Hydrography Hydrographic spatial data presented on paper and electronic nautical charts serve for safety of navigation at sea.
  • Multimedia Modern spatial technologies as web cartography, multimedia visualization and mobile technologies serve millions of people all over the world to enjoy their leisure time at home or on travel.